You may not believe that free money exists, but I am here to tell you YES!, yes indeed it does exist and I have received money 5 times in a row. This was no coincidence. Let me show you how the universe is perfectly capable of doing this for you.

Ok I get it. I know some of you out there who are familiar with the Law of Attraction Concept and you either get it or you don't. A lot of people poo poo the idea and rightfully so. I am here to say that this Law is very real.

It's easy for the skeptic to dismiss it and say "Oh, but it takes action to get things done and to create or manifest things. To believe such hog wash is a delusion and this is just another concept from the "Secret" or "What the Bleep to We Know?"

But if we begin to take a closer look at what reality actually is we can see how this is more than possible and how the law of attraction is just as real as the law of gravity is. The universe HAS to obey that law at all times. …

The Law of Attraction

How Quantum Entanglement is the basis of the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is often taught in ways to create abundance for our lives, that whatever we desire, as long as we can be a vibrational match for it, would come automatically. In a nutshell, what’s alike draws to each other is what law of attraction is all about. Many have successfully created abundance of wealth, health, relationships, and all sort of pleasures for their lives as they master such simple yet fundamental laws of life. But would you dare to take it up a notch?

The law of attraction is not just a tool to create abundance for our lives. It stretches far beyond what is perceived and understood by the general populace right now. One of its unique uses, is that you are able to perform telekinetic acts and move objects around with your thoughts alone

Now this is going to sound a little crazy, as we explore the spiritual technology with the help of some scientific theories…

What is Quantum Entanglement?

In qua…